Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Engaged!! Planning a Wedding is SO MUCH FUN!! :-)

Paul got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife a little over one month ago, and I was extremely honored and excited to say YES!!  (oh, happy day!)  Here is all we have accomplished for wedding planning in just this past month.  I am astonished at how incredibly smooth everything is falling into place!  I must admit, though, that I am not really picky when it comes to a lot of the details and we also are getting married in a big city so there are just lots of options around- even for a six month engagement.

Church:  St. Agnes Catholic Church
        The choice to get married in St. Agnes Church, for us, was an obvious one. It's the church we go to every weekend with his dad when Paul is in town, and Paul has a lot of history at this church which also has a school he attended growing up.  Paul's parents met at St. Agnes and got married there 55 years ago! 

Wedding Date:  July 7th, 2012
       Woohoo!!  Right in the middle of the super fun summer!!  Thank goodness the wedding and reception will all be indoors.  ;-)

Photographer:  Rachelle Kuntz (Sugar Snaps Photography)
       She was chosen even before our date, but she is a friend of ours and we have seen her awesome work and we have heard her amazingly awesome reviews from other friends who have used her.  I knew what months Paul and I were looking at for the wedding date and I checked her availability right away. 

Florist:  Erica Smail Carlisle (The KC Flower Girl)
         Also an awesome friend of ours and I have worked with her on several parties and know her work is amazing.  I totally trust her creativity and am super excited to have her do all our flowers!

Reception:  The Clubhouse on Baltimore
         Beautiful downtown Kansas City venue with tons of Kansas City history.  This place just happened to fall right into our hands.  Perfect.

The most exciting part is I get to marry Paul and be his wife for the rest of my life.  I am so blessed!!  :-)